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Foster a pet

in need

Foster guardians are always needed

What is Fostering?

When you foster, you agree to take a homeless pet into your home and give this pet love, care, and attention for a predetermined period of time or until the animal is adopted.  If you become a foster parent, we provide food and all other necessities, including veterinary help for the fostered pet during the time it takes to find a new permanent home.


Why Foster?

By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you are giving the animal the time needed to be ready for adoption and socializing the pet to a home environment , maybe other pets and different types of people.


Fostering improves the pet’s chances of finding a forever home: it builds up the animal’s confidence and gets it ready for a normal lifestyle.

Before you foster:

Ensure that your landlord accepts animals on his/her property.

Ensure that you have a suitable area prepared for the animal to sleep/rest.

Ensure that you have adequate time for socializing the animal.



your time

During events and activities

We welcome volunteers when we hold special activities, during the annual Summer Camp week, during the free spay/neuter clinics or fundraising events.

Contact us if you will like to donate some of your time or resources; we'll be delighted to meet you!


Join our

Youth Group

Meeting and activities


We welcome new youth group members and have special activities and meeting throughout the year.


Youth Group members are between the ages of 14 to 21 years old. Contact us if you will like to join!



From June to November

For those who are unable to keep their pet safe during an emergency that will possibly require evacuation, knowing that they will be able to bring their pet to a safe location ahead of time is a true relief.

Contact us if you have a safe location to hold a pet and would like to act as a temporary guardian.

We will provide the holding kennel is needed as well as food and other necessities for the duration of the emergency.



our work

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