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The Humane Society of Dominica does not have or operate a physical shelter. 


We use our social media presence to post information on adoptable pets and we place animals when needed with foster guardians until they are ready to be adopted. 


We interview all potential adopters and all pets re-homed through our services are, or will be spayed/neutered - don't worry, we do not charge for adoptions and we pay for the spay/neuter surgery!

To see if we have adoptable pets, please visit our facebook or Instagram pages.

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  • Instagram

To adopt a pet you have seen on our facebook/instagram pages, please contact us (tel/whatsapp) 276-9448.  We will interview you and if the pet has already been adopted, we'll place you on our waiting list for priority notice when a pet becomes available. If you adopt a pet through our services, you will need to sign a contract to have the pet mandatorily spayed/neutered - don't worry, we pay for the surgery!

To re-home a pet through our service, please send us an email with photos of the pet, as well as information about the gender, age and location. You also need to include your contact information because we will need to contact you before posting.

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